Hello “Brands Lab”,  is a marketing boutique agency, that was founded in 2013, by our core team, after decades of global design & marketing experience working alongside some of the world’s most successful & prestigious brands on behalf of other leading agencies.

We’ re a truly creative, slightly obsessive and naturally sociable marketing agency that has an innate ability to listen to the clients needs and read the market, so as to develop marketing strategies that work. From on-boarding your business, every experience you have with Brands Lab will exceed your expectations. We plan to ensure that your business grows through choosing Brands Lab as your marketing partner. We constantly evolve, innovate and develop custom technology to work harder, faster and smarter for our clients. Professionalism, expertise and promptness, these are the traits that mostly describe Brands Lab. Our bespoke business model allows businesses to benefit from the skills of a fully qualified marketing manager and complete marketing team. With the ability to execute all aspect of the marketing mix, inclusive of branding, graphic design, social media and web development.

In 2019, Brands Lab has expanded its footprint by opening a new company in USA, named “Hello BL”. By this new challenge, our team is focusing their efforts on creating new partnerships and establishing new project opportunities.